2012. november 23., péntek

Sympathy Gathering at the French Embassy in Budapest - September 2012

Pictures: Szabolcs Birton - Bors

On September 27 2012 friends and family of Patricia and Noah lined up in front 

of the French Embassy in Budapest to show support and sympathy for Patricia and Noah, two Hungarian citizens who have been unlawfully blocked by husband and later by French Polynesian authorities from returning to their only official and registered home they have in this world. The French Polynesian Court handling their divorce case has NO jurisdiction; therefore they cannot keep them in a place they do not belong. 
260 people signed a petition, among others calling on 
- Authorities to handle this issue in a European fashion considering all three citizens involved are EU citizens
- To treat Hungarian citizens as equals to French citizens
- Investigate Patricia’s denunciation of moral and physical abuse, child abduction, forceful entrapment and confiscation of passports
- Investigate the falsification of public documents by husband 
- Investigate the French Polynesian Courts jurisdiction 

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