2012. november 23., péntek

First court hearing - June 1012

They only spend every other week together from now on. Noah cries every Sunday when at 5 pm he has to leave his mother for a week. No three year old child should be taken away from his\her loving mother by force. The judge ruled dual custody, not knowing the mother's stand and not reading Patricia's papers, because they were handed to the her 5 minutes before the start of the hearing by Patricia's lawyer. By then Patricia had reported moral, physical abuse, child abduction and confiscation of passports to the police. How does a judge rule not knowing anything about the mothers side? How is it that the judge they are assigned too is pulled of the case 3 minutes before the beginning of the hearing? How is it possible that Patricia has no time to read her proposal before going to court because her lawyer sends it over the morning of the trial?

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