2012. november 23., péntek

Husband files for divorce - 2012 April

After husband breaks into Patricia's email account (admitting it) finds out that Patricia is consulting with a lawyer in Paris to file for divorce in Paris, he immediately files for divorce in Bora Bora! He is able to do this after the falsification of public documents, claiming that they are all residents in Bora Bora. Patricia never agreed or never signed any document that claims she or her son Noah are legal residents on the island. The husband illegally used the confiscated passports and registered them as permanent residents. He also predated the date on the official paper. They arrived to Bora Bora on the 18th November 2011, and somehow the document of registry states that they are permanent residents since October 24 2011. How is that possible?? When my sister tells everyone that they do not belong to French Polynesia and they are not residents, no one listens.... 

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