2012. november 23., péntek

Husband cancels airplane tickets back to Europe - 2012 March

The three of them had airplane tickets back to Europe which should have been used the latest by March 2012. These were thrown out by husband. It would be worth understanding the motive behind this act. Before going to Bora Bora Patricia and her husband agreed that they are going there for a longer vacation to heal their marriage and let loos after the Fukushima catastrophy which affected their life profoundly, and that they would come back to Europe by March 2012 latest. She wanted to give her ruined marriage a last shot, so she could tell herself she tried everything possible to keep her family together. She was also terrified of the consequences of her not obeying and following her husband who had been threatening her for the past years that if she tried to divorce him he would spend all his money on talking away Noah from her. Noah is the most precious thing in Patricia's life and ever since this darling boy was born she has sacrificed everything for his wellbeing. It is the kind of unconditional love a mother gives her child. When someone starts threatening you with your own child, you keep quite and do as you are told in order to protect him.

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