2013. július 20., szombat

In the middle of the ocean...

Granpa's entry: 

Here in the middle of the ocean, thousand kilometres away from anything, the stars on the sky shine like nowhere else on Earth. One evening we went out to the terrace with Littleman to stargaze. He was interested in the Big Dipper in the Cor Leonis, and the Sothern Cross. He already well recognises Jupiter by its shine and cold colour. He is not yet four.

I explained to him, that Jupiter is the guardian of the Earth, saving us from asteroids, - from rocks speeding in space - and from comets, in one word, from all troublemakers.
Based on his interest in dinosaurs, he already well knew that after the impact of an asteroid the sunlight vanished. As a result all green on Earth disappeared, due to the dust, ash and fumes, ejected into the atmosphere, so dinosaurs died out and became extinct.

Three days after our discussion about planets, stars and space - during the evening fairy tale - Noah asked me: "...Granpaa! Why did Jupiter not save Earth from the big rock which made the caused the dinosaurs to die out...?

As I say, he is not yet four years old, - he has been tied to Polynesia for over one and a half years, - at the same time by now he should be visiting the Planetarium, the National Museum, the Zoo, he should be taken to the puppet-theatre, to the movie and I could continue. Here in Bora Bora none of these can develop his mind. He knows it too and talks about it at school to his teachers, to his friends, classmates, that one day he will be able to have it all when he is allowed to return to his home in Hungary. His words are noted by now as he became an international issue and...well,....you never know...!

Daily he asks me to promise that"... you will bring me a passport from Budapest! You will put my name in it stick my photo into it, so from Papeete with the big plain, - where we spend the night and sleep, - can fly home to Budapest!
These are the rare occasions when I have to keep silent. Partly, because I have a big knot in my throat. And partly because I am not able to promise him what he is asking for.

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