2013. július 20., szombat

Court passed its decision

Court passed its decision:

During the court case, "well based" on fraud, falsification of official documents, enforced retention of two Hungarian citizens, all committed by Soo Il Lee, Patri's request to be able to return during Noah's school holidays to their Budapest home for a "visit", was rejected.

In addition she has to pay a compensation of USD 1 625 to Mr. Lee. Equal to her one month's salary.

The moral and psychological annihilation of Patri continues in which the local police takes part as well. She is followed, she is subjected to secret surveillance, she is manipulated, her life is made totally impossible. At a place where they do not belong!

Perhaps she was not exaggerating when she said to a journalist, interviewing her, "... I do not know if we will ever be able to get home alive..."

Just to remind:
"2013, Year of the European Citizen"

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