2012. december 10., hétfő

To all our decent, lovely, peace-loving friends in Bora Bora

If you are around Vaitape on Sundays at around 5 p. m., go to the Police Municipale. A three year old little boy and his mother are being slowly murdered step by step  by the aggressive, selfish, identity-less father. The child - by a court decision -, has to go with Mr. Soo Il Lee every second week despite he does not want to do so. He cries, screams and hugs his mom's neck not to let him be taken by the father. He runs away, hides and holds the door of the car, so he is not taken away by force from his Mom.
This little child, Noah Lee is my beloved nephew. A  lovely, sweet little boy whose only wish is to be allowed to return to his only home in this world, to "Grandma's Garden in Budapest" and continue playing with his dog Igor and see again his little friends and cousins, Sofi, Richy, and Christian.  Instead he has to watch every Sunday at  5 p. m. , how his father abuses, hurts and threatens  his adored,  beloved Mom, and lately, his Grandmother.

Municipality Police and Gendarmerie can do nothing but watch. They see what is happening, but the law does not give them the power to interfere and solve the wrong this man did and is constantly doing to his family. It was such a moving moment yesterday, when, thanks to you, things were a bit different!  The scandalous handover of Noah to Mr. Lee called the attention of a number of people on the street. Local Tahitian people, you, were warning Mr. Lee to stop threatening his family in a clearly unacceptable manner, and a brave Polynesian mother,  - understanding well the situation - called him "motherf**ker", and told him to stop torturing his son! No doubt, Polynesians know well what is decency, family and love!  And they can see when something is wrong, false and abusive.

On other Sundays, when Noah is returned to his Mom, he flies to her arms, laughs and giggles of joy, that after an eternally long week he is back to where he came from, to his mother's arms, warmth and protective closeness. A fantastic week starts, full of fairytales, plays, true stories about home and friends, about smells, tastes and places in the big house in Budapest, Noah calls home. Talk to him, he will tell you. During this week no one teaches him to be mean, cruel, not to love anyone to be successful in life and nobody talks to him about mean grandfather, mother and aunty. He can be a child, a happy little boy that should not know at this age the meaning of words like "mean", "aggressive", "kill", or fascist!

Mr. Lee wants to teach him to fully correspond to the blasphemous name he gave to Noah, to his own child.  "Atheist Rebel", "God Rejecting Mutineer", "Nonbeliever Upriser". Because Noah’s other name, Kazuki  with Japanese kanji hieroglyphs  has the meaning described just before. Who would do such a moral crime with his own son?  Which Frenchman, - even if Korean blood - would humiliate his own little newborn miracle, using such a Japanese kanji  transcript?

Please!  Noah's teachers, friends, nurses, if you read this, - and I am sure it will reach you in that beautiful island called Bora Bora by tomorrow, - do never call him again that terrible name, Kazuki!! And do not believe any more the lies Mr. Lee is telling you! He is not Japanese! His son is not Japanese! Noah is French-Hungarian and decent parents should educate him to be that and nothing else! Noah however does not speak French, as Mr. Lee, - who got so much from France and its people,  - did not allow Noah learn French! Noah, - unlike other little 3 year old kids, -  does not have a family language as his own father forbid to use French at home as their family language. He speaks Hungarian perfectly and some Japanese. But not French.  All he knows by now,  - after a year in Vaitape captivity, - is what the kindergarten and the pre-school taught him.
His father does not like France. He had no residency in France since 1999! You may ask why, but answers are not clear or are lies! He takes as much as he can from the French people and State that is to his advantage, but will not do anything that will benefit the Republic and its multicolored, multicultural nation.  In fact he despises Frenchmen, he is crazy to be associated with Japan, so he tells everyone he and Noah are Japanese.  Total identity confusion and that is what he wants to trespass to his son.

He cheated everyone around him! His beautiful, loving wife, my sister, by pretending love and delivering hate, greediness and aggression, his son by trying to teach him to be mean and aggressive, trying to take away from him the unconditional love towards his own mother and grandparents, depriving him from his beloved home, cousins and little friends, but as well he has cheated the staff at the Municipality of Bora Bora by falsifying official documents, predating domicile certificates with wife's and son's confiscated passports for a date when they were not even in Bora Bora. Now this falsified document serves as the basis of a divorce jurisdiction decision of the Polynesian Court! Cheated son, cheated wife, cheated Municipality Staff and cheated Court!

Even worse, he dared to mislead  the Appeal Court in Papeete, not talking about his former employer BNP Paribas. He is suing them  for millions of Euros - based on manipulated documents - for being relieved from his duties. He cheats his present employer, where he earns less than the insurance and garaging of his Aston Martin car in Paris. So what is he doing in Polynesia besides tax evasion, cheating the French taxpayer? He is smart. Very smart with his 180 IQ, manipulating and using everyone that comes his way. His employers, friends, son, wife, family, anyone! Just let him have what he wants. 

What is Mr. Lee doing in Bora Bora?  Why is it better to earn Euro 1 500 than 110 000 per month, that he earned until last year and before as  one of BNP's managers for  Asia in Tokyo? Why is a man like Mr. Lee arguing towards his ex-employer, BNP Paribas, that they  did a great damage to his professional reputation and now he can not find a suitable banking position adequate to his great experience in managing derivatives and exotic banking products on one side and at the same time arguing in his divorce papers where he wants to take away Noah from his mother, that he wants to settle in Polynesia. The two statements are opposing each other and are mutually excluding. Lies, lies lies, manipulation, manipulation, manipulation. A leading banker selling pearls to tourists, or, as a receptionist at a dive shop cleaning floors and carrying the diving gear to the boat and back.

He manipulated his wife , - wanting in 2011 to initiate a calm, correct divorce in Paris, - to come with him for a few weeks to Polynesia to maybe arrange their marriage in a peaceful setting, where there is no stress, no worries and life is smooth. He confiscated Patricia's and Noah's passports and locked them into his suitcase, so they could not leave two weeks after arrival and re-started physical and moral abuse! He threw away returning air tickets in March and May.

Who is this man? What does he have to hide? What are his goals and aims, that he is ready to sacrifice even his own child? People of Vaitape,  Bora Bora, French Polynesia. Please do not let this little boy suffer any more, do not let my sister Patricia, - the loveliest women and sweetest mother I know on earth, -  die a slow death, by living for a year or more now in Polynesia against her will, with the thought, that Lee is introducing his long time scheme, ".....if you do not behave as I tell you, if you do not do what I order you to do, I will spend all my money to destroy you and take away the kid from you...." The name of your lovely islands called French Polynesia should not be associated with this diabolic plan! Please friends, be there again at 5 p. m. on Sundays and support my sister, Patrícia Nyíri-Kovács.  It would mean a lot to Patrícia but even more to my adored nephew, Noah.  Thank you and God bless you!

Please support Patri and Noah at: http://www.facebook.com/NotWithoutMySon

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