2013. április 16., kedd

Letter of Patri's father

Mr. Soo Il Lee,

It will be five years in June that I handed over my daughter Patrícia to you. You might remember my wedding speech. I said Patri is a lucky girl, she has two fathers, Kovács and Nyíri, they love her dearly and both of them want her to be treated even better than these two men ever treated her. She deserves it. She is a lovely and lovable person, can love and should be loved and from then on it is her husband’s responsibility to look after her with decency, understanding, love and care.

None of the above did you fulfil. The contrary! You did everything a man should not do to any woman, especially not with his wife. It is a pity! You had everything in your hand that can and should make a man happy. A beautiful loving wife, decent, well-paying work for both of you in internationally reputable banks, and, the most important of all blessings, a healthy, clever, adorable little son, Noah. What else would a man need? You had it all but your violent treatment of everything and everyone, - including Patri and Noah, - your continuous aggression managed to spoil it all. It destroyed your marriage, it destroyed your professional carriers, - as top-university masters graduates selling black Tahitian pearls now in Vaitape Bora Bora, - and is damaging your little son week after week.

Today, on Easter Monday all of you should be here in Hungary with the large family, going with Noah, your little man, from friends’ house to friends’ house „sprinkling” the girls with perfume as it is a beautiful custom for young boys and men and has been done for centuries here in this country. Religion, customs, family friends are the building blocks that make us what we are. These are the elements that give us our identity, that make us all useful, respected and happy members of our own countries, societies and families. This is what you deprive your son, wife and yourself from. You took them away from everything that is dear to any decent person and family, from their land, from their customs, from their friends and belief.

I should have known, when I saw the great white shark on your wedding table, and the oceanic white tip shark on the tables of your wedding guests. Just like a year later, when I saw the head of your newborn baby Noah’s head put in-between the jaws of a recently purchased great white shark stuffed animal. Insane, dangerous and shows the inside of a man, a father that does not respect life, integrity and rights of a new born little boy. Using him as a toy, as an object, just like you are doing today.

I should have understood, - but of course I did not, - that it is not a good looking, well built, kind, highly intelligent man that my daughter fell in love with and married, but a most dangerous predator, who does not care about anyone and anything, - be it his wife, be it his son, be it any person that is close to him, - but about himself. By now we know that what you care about is to have it only and exclusively your way, and only your way. There is no other alternative that can exist next to yours, and at the end of your way there is nothing else but money and money and again only money. Plus pain, loss and destruction. Destruction of a fantastic Hungarian-French little boy, his future life, the humiliation and destruction of a great lady, a loving wife, a respected professional and friend of her society and environment and last but not least the destruction of your work environment wherever you have worked. Be it the US or be it in Japan.

On Easter Monday I am writing these lines to try to reach your mind and try to make you understand, you can destroy a family, or two, you can destroy your wife, but one day Noah will grow up and he will judge you! In fact he is already judging you and speaks about it. Maybe it is not too late.

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