2013. január 12., szombat

Appeal Court Hearing Scheduled for the 17th January in Papeete-Tahiti

Judges of the Appeal Court in Papeete-Tahiti will decide the fate of my nephew Noah and of my sister Patri on the 17th January.

 Patri appealed against the 13th June court decision blocking Noah and Patri to return to their normal, legal and only residence that is here in Budapest-Hungary and gave the - not yet three year old - child to the father every other week, despite of Noah's rejection to stay  with Mr. Lee.  Cheated Polynesian authorities, and Court mislead by Soo Il Lee made this decision at a time when there are serious charges against Mr. Lee of falsification of official documents, forceful entrapment, tax fraud, physical- and moral abuse, child abduction.   Several of these charges are documented and have been proven without doubt by now.

Family, relatives, ex-colleagues and schoolmates, Hungarians and French, Japanese and Polynesians, are looking at the Appeal Court to give back the normal, everyday life of a mother and her child, but also give due justice as well to a larger family. This family has its cherished and respected origins in Alsace-France, it has high regard for the Republic, has lived their lifes in the past two hundred years,- since they were forced out of France by invading powers, - in a way that their local society all along respected them because  they  always respected the law,  and their trust in law and God was never shaken.  People, who in the past have never been sidetracked, biased or overwhelmed by any other consideration but social responsibility and lawfulness, be it politics, financial interest or personal gains.

Our trust in the French Juridical System remains unchanged. The world cannot work in any other way but lawfully. That is our world, the world of the Kraus-Pierre descendents, the world of the Nyíris.

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